05.12.17 Zahed Presents Special Edition of ‘Hiwar’ in Oman
24.10.17 Zahed Creates Kuwait City Guide & Exclusive Mix for Stamp The Wax (UK)
30.06.17 Zahed Releases ‘Mama Bamba’ Single
28.06.17 Zahed Interviews with Resonance FM (UK)
28.05.17 Ma3azef Debuts ‘Irtijal’ from Zahed’s ‘Hiwar Sessions’ EP
05.05.17 Zahed Releases ‘Hiwar Sessions’ EP 
25.04.17 Zahed’s ‘Hiwar’ performance reviewed by Project Revolver (AE)
20.04.17 Zahed interviews with Sky News Arabia (AE) for ‘Hiwar’
13.04.17 Zahed Interviews with Vision (AE) for ‘Hiwar’
12.04.17 Zahed Interviews with RBMA, Debuts ‘Hiwar’ Film
07.04.17 Zahed Speaks at STEP Music Conference (UAE)
06.04.17 Zahed Takes REUSE to Dubai
14.03.17 Zahed to Headline Inaugural RBMA Weekender in Dubai
01.03.17 Zahed Announces UK Resonance Tour

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