Intrigued by pearl diving music of the Arabian Gulf, Zahed Sultan embarked on a journey to explore its roots and discover musical bridges between past traditions and present trends. Through a project entitled ‘Hiwar’ (Arabic for dialogue), Zahed was offered a two-week residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at The Heart of Sharjah Association. For his residency, Zahed converted a heritage house into a music recording studio and it’s adjacent courtyard into an outdoor gathering space inspired by the traditional ‘Majlis.’ Through the course of the residency, Zahed hosted open studio sessions by day and impromptu music gatherings by evening. ‘Hiwar’ concluded with a live audio-visual performance for Sharjah’s residents featuring contemporary and folk musicians from the UAE.

Zahed continues to develop the ‘Hiwar’ project and perform it live internationally.

1. Hiwar

2. Hiwar

3. Hiwar

5. Hiwar

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